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Version 5 with the addition of a risk management module based on VaR (Value at Risk) which comes after the automatic money management of the strategy.

Implementation on July 18, 2020.

Philosophie du portefeuille EU

Ce portefeuille est un mix des robots R2D2CAC et R2D2DAX en version Elite. Le but de ce portefeuille est d'avoir un investissement typé investisseur action spéculatif équilibré à 50/50 entre le marché français et allemand.

Le profil de risque est de l'investissement légérement spéculatif. En effet, le risque de pertes maximum historique est autour de 27% avec des risques habituels proche de 10% et un potentiel moyen de gain annuel de 30 à 50%.


Contract: corresponds to the number of contracts to be filled in the EA to have this setting (With Activtrades - other CFDs redo the calculation!)
minimum contract 0.01

Nb euro per CAC40 index point Contract : 0.1 Nb euro per DAX30 index point Contract : 0.02 Nb euro per SP500 index point Contract : 0

With this setting, you need the LEVEL license 1.

You can change the portfolio settings to test your own configuration, the Euro value of the performance and trade history are then adjusted accordingly.


You can configure the use of R2D2CAC, R2D2DAX and R2D2SP robots according to your capital to know your leverage and the associated risk.


The risk is materialized by the maximum drawdown.

Parameter synthesis and licensing

Bot Maximum capital invested Maximum margin
Capital distribution
R2D2CAC 41089 2054 47.6 %
R2D2DAX 45305 2265 52.4 %
R2D2SP 0 0 0 %
Total 86394 4320 100.0 %

Medium risk
Maximum risk Maximum margin
Minimum capital
Average annual gain Average gain
% capital
Annual license
4320 13004 5752 29 % Level 1 660 Euros/year
The price of the license can be seen as an entry fee for 3.3 % of capital or as an interest of the 11.5 % of annual earnings.

Log in to see your current license level.

Synthesis Graphic History
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Synthesis performance Elite

from 31/ 12/ 2012 to 25/ 01/ 2022
Rate of success ratio
Average gain
Average loss.
Leverage Calmar Ratio
icone information
record trade
Maximum gain
Maximum loss
mini medium maxi
20000 54,460.2 6,450.7
( 32.3 % )
33.9 % 2.39 0.15 2.07 4.32 1.32 2398 (12.0%)
74,460.2 272.3 % 8,684.0
( 43.4 % )
-1697 (-8.5%)
Type of portfolio configured - Risk profile Investor / Trader

Statistics :

Year Month Year
January February March April May June July August September October November December
2013 1.0%2.2%-0.2%8.9%1.8%8.4%1.6%4.1%2.0%0.3%-0.6%4.8%34.6%
2014 5.3%-1.3%6.3%3.4%-0.7%1.5%7.7%0.4%-0.5%10.1%5.3%-1.0%36.5%
2015 4.8%2.2%10.5%1.9%1.2%-11.6%6.7%19.8%-3.8%9.5%5.0%1.3%47.5%
2016 3.8%11.7%-1.3%0.9%-5.9%-5.7%-0.6%6.9%0.0%4.6%0.3%17.2%32.0%
2017 -2.9%4.4%2.8%-5.2%15.2%9.2%-4.6%7.8%1.7%2.4%5.7%-8.2%28.2%
2018 10.1%-3.8%6.2%6.4%7.6%1.1%-7.2%1.0%-0.6%10.7%-2.0%9.8%39.3%
2019 4.6%5.4%1.0%9.3%-9.9%5.7%7.4%-0.0%7.5%7.3%5.8%5.3%49.2%
2020 1.7%14.9%-0.6%-2.6%5.9%2.7%-9.7%-5.8%2.9%3.5%10.8%1.5%25.1%
2021 -7.6%-3.4%2.5%7.4%8.8%-0.4%-1.0%-1.8%1.5%-14.5%-11.8%10.7%-9.7%
2022 -21.5%-21.5%

The table includes only closed trades.
Performance calculated in relation to the reference price at the beginning of the year.
It's the trade end date that counts, a trade opened in month (M) and closed in month (M+1) will be counted in the performance of month (M+1)...

Current Trades
11.1 %2,213.5 Euros
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Performance graph

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Statistics :

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Trade History

The beginning of the order numbers indicate the original bot of the positions:

F: R2D2CAC          A: R2D2DAX          U: R2D2SP

Elite version
Order no.
End Date
Start Date
End price
Start Price
in Euros
per point
in index points
Earnings Balance
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