Operation of the automated system

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  • 1 - Registration

    a 1 month license is offered at registration, you can then extend the subscription by using the store

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  • 2 - CFD account opening

    you need a CFD account with Metatrader 4 (MT4) opened with our exclusive partner to run the robots.

    Read more:

    the CFD our partner

  • 3 - VPS rental

    Optional - strongly recommended

    Why a VPS and which one to choose?

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    VPS OVH.com

  • 4 - starting up

    We assist you with the installation of the VPS, the trading platform and the robots using the free and secure "Teamviewer" support software. This guarantees that you will get started in the best possible conditions.


    A help page contains all the videos and explanatory notes:

    FAQ / Notices page

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