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By trading with us through our partner Activtrades, they pay us a commission by sharing a part of the spread. This remuneration does not increase the cost for Activtrades customers, the spread is not impacted.

We chose this broker even before we became partners with it in order to have optimal and reliable performance.

Why did we choose this partner?

1 - the extremely advantageous costs

The costs for customers at a CFD/Forex broker are of 2 types, the spread (the difference between the price at which an asset can be bought or sold at the same time), and the overnight financing fee (the financial cost when holding an asset from one day to the next).
Some brokers may even charge a fixed fee for each transaction (which is not the case with our partner).

With Activtrades :

a- The spreads on the products used by our robots (CAC40, DAX40, SP500 futures indices) are very competitive and similar to what the competition is doing:
example: CFD CAC40 future, spread between 0.5 and 1.5 pts - target 1 pts, this spread is included in the performance presented on our website. The spread represents about 0.16% of the position value, which is an extremely low cost compared to the cost of trading stocks or futures or other stock market products.

Our robot is not a "hyperactive" scalping type robot (which can place tens of orders per day generating a lot of costs), we place 1 position per working day on average per robot, so this cost factor is not essential and determining for our performance even if we looked for a competitive broker also on this part.

b- FUNDAMENTAL POINT: No "overnight" fees for the CFDs on index futures that we use at Activtrades. It is one of the only brokers to offer it. Overnight fees can represent between 10 and 30% of the annual performance, our robots stay in position every night of the year, fees would apply every night in this case. These possible fees if you use another broker than our partner are not included in our performance (with Activtrades we do not have to bear them)

The overnight fees can represent 0.6 pts of index per night (or more), i.e. on the example of the CAC40 1.5 euros per day for a typical portfolio of 20,000 euros.
365 days per year = 547.5 euros per index for our portfolio of 20,000 euros or about 1,600 euros in total with the 3 robots - 8% annual performance!!!

c- No additional fixed costs, no other fees, which is not the case with all brokers.


2 - the customer service is reactive, attentive and available in several languages (chat, email, phone)


3 - Activtrades is an entity regulated by the FCA in England, which is one of the strictest regulations in the world for the London branch where the head office is located, and by the CSSF in Luxembourg for the European branch


4 - Customers accounts are segregated

 In the event of the company's insolvency, the funds are protected because they are held in segregated accounts, separate from ActivTrades' funds.


5 - Activtrades has been present in the CFD market since 2001 and adopts a prudent risk management approach

Their behavior is perfectly in line with our vision and our wish for customers. Activtrades was the only broker to prohibit its clients from trading on the Swiss Franc a few weeks before the crash of the Swiss Franc on 15/01/2015 with the abandonment of the floor of 1.2 CHF for 1 EUR. The other brokers have seen a significant amount of customers lose their entire capital or more with the leverage effects for customers who were invested in the CHF, and many brokers have had to suffer significant losses (customers were no longer solvent).

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